8th May 2020

Creative Workspace Resilience Fund - FAQs

Please see our FAQs to support your application, we will be updating this regularly with any common queries that arise. If you have further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Can you help me reduce my rent/offer guidance for dealing with landlords? **

Help is available from Studiomakers: they have developed factsheets and a letter template that offers studio providers legal guidance, and a consistent approach to contract renegotiation: please see here.

Can you offer business support?

Help is available from Creative United: please see here.

I have more than one premises, do I have to apply for each one?

Please make just one application per organisation: you can detail building specifics within the application.

Is it worth applying if my space is on a short-term lease?

We want the fund to go as far as possible, even beyond the crisis that we currently face. That is why one of our priorities considers the length of lease.

That being said, if in your application it was clear that you had met the other priorities, had explored all other avenues of funding and you are able to provide good reason as to why the sum would be needed then your application wouldn't be dismissed purely on the basis of the length of your lease.

Can the fund be used to cover programming costs?

Our priority is to support artists and to secure buildings at risk of loss. Therefore, this fund does not cover programming costs. please see our additional funding and guidance page here.

Will my application be dismissed if my organisation has reserves?

No. However you will need to demonstrate why your organisation is in immediate financial need and can’t use its reserves. If your reserves are needed to meet one of our priorities (eg. you need the money to secure a deposit on a building) that will be considered.

What happens if I can’t meet the May 20 deadline?

The short turnaround is due to the nature of the crisis – we know many are struggling and we want the money out the door as soon as reasonably possible. If you can’t make the deadline, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Can the Creative Workspace Resilience Fund be used as match funding?


Are there bands of funding?

There are no bands of funding. We expect each applicant to have explored all other avenues of funding and apply for the specific amount they would need from us that cannot be sourced from elsewhere. Each application will then be considered on a case by case basis.

Can I still apply for funding if I haven’t completed applications from other funding avenues or if I am waiting to hear back on submitted applications?

Yes, please detail all current and planned activity in that section of the form.

Might you offer a lower amount than I have requested?

We expect that we will receive more applications than we are able to provide for. This is a needs based funds. Where the needs are very clear we will make an attempt to provide the amount you are asking for.

If it isn’t clear from your application how the requested funds will be used, we may ask you to review some aspects of your application and reduce the amount requested accordingly. To avoid this kind of delay, please only apply for the exact amount you need and tell us clearly in your application how you will use the funds.

How do you define an artist/maker/creative tenant?

Funds will be made available to organisations providing space to artists, makers and/or other creative tenants (the end users). Applicants will need to demonstrate that requested funds will directly benefit these end users.

We define an artist as an individual whose creative output is driven by themselves and not by a client. Makers and creative tenants are individuals or organisations providing creative services or content for clients, often to a brief. These definitions can include all art forms, including visual arts, dance, music, photography, jewellery, making, textile arts, sculpture and interdisciplinary arts and many others.

A broad range of creative professions will be considered, particularly fine artist, performance artist, printmaker, ceramicist, costume designer, set designer fashion designer, millener, jeweller, bookbinder, set designer, photographer, musician, dance troop, project space, carpenter (for creative production).

Funds are less likely to be offered to organisations providing space to professions such as: web designer, PR / branding / marketing agency, architect, graphic designer, software designer, commercial gallery, carpenter / electrician (for building fit out).

Do you have a working definition of ‘affordability’?

We don’t use a metric for this: we expect you to demonstrate how you understand what constitutes affordability for the part of London you operate in, and measures you’ve taken to be able to offer space at affordable rates to your tenants.

Can you offer business support?

The GLA Growth Hub has offered business support to applicants who request it or who the panel considers would benefit from input to help improve the quality of their application. This help will be available after the deadline. If you would like to be put forward, please email us on cultureatrisk@creativelandtrust.org

What is the maximum amount I can apply for?

There isn’t an upper limit however a large request will have to have a very strong case for why it will provide more benefit to the artists/creative community overall. The panel will need to assess the benefit of making a large award rather than a number of smaller ones.

Will a smaller request be looked on more favourably?

Every application is judged on its own merits. Too small a grant risks not providing lasting benefit so please ask for what you need to secure the future of your building and tenants.

Could the panel come back to me with a lower offer than I’ve requested?

Yes, they might. The panel will seek to balance awards across applications to ensure long-term benefit to as wide a group of applicants as possible. If they feel some elements of your request fit the criteria less well, and that the remaining amount would still secure the future of your organisation, we will come back to you to discuss.

If I have more than one building do I need to put in separate applications?

No – we would like one application per organisation. Please tell us how many buildings you have but we only need full details of those for which you are applying.

I can’t provide some of the information you have asked for.

Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss. In most cases we can accept alternative types of documentation. At the least please explain in the narrative why you haven’t been able to give us exactly what we’ve asked for.

What happens if I’ve forgotten to attach something and deadline has passed

Please get in touch and we can enable you to update your application. If we spot the error in the meantime we will contact you.

I can’t set up my log in?

Because of the nature of the information requested we will create you a password-protected account to access and complete your application form. If you have any issues logging into your account, or would like us to set up an account for you to apply please contact cultureatrisk@creativelandtrust.org

How long do we have to spend the money?

Grant money must be spent within six months from receipt of funds.

Do I need to provide detail on individual tenants’ financial circumstances?

No but we expect to see that you have assessed their needs and will apply help accordingly.

How do we indicate we’re willing to sign up to the Affordable Workspace Accreditation Scheme?

Willingness to sign up to this will be a condition of receiving funding if your application is successful. For the application it would be helpful to know that you have looked into the scheme and understand what your commitments would be as a signatory.

Can I use the fund to pay outstanding bills?

You cannot use the fund for costs or work that existed before covid, eg if your building needed roof repairs you can’t apply to cover that now. However, if you have bill payments you intended to meet but are now unable to and these pose an existential threat to the building/business then this may be possible if you can explain how that will benefit your tenants.

What if we have a different financial year?

Please send us appropriate annual accounts that will demonstrate your viability before the crisis.

Are non-constituted organisations eligible (if collectives of artists)?


We offer short-term space rentals via a membership model – are we eligible?

Yes – please make it clear how the funds you are requesting will secure the future of your building/s and ensure the ability of tenants to return to your space after the crisis.

I’m in negotiation with landlord regarding rent reductions and I won’t have an answer before the application deadline?

We understand that everyone will be at different stages in their negotiations. All we ask for is a projection based on your best judgement of your current situation. If you don’t yet have an answer from your landlord, we need to know you are in this process. You will need to provide evidence of any negotiations/communication with your landlord. If your circumstances change, please keep us informed.

Can I apply for fund to cover work I had planned for the future, eg to secure or set up a new building?

No, the fund is intended to provide emergency support to cover immediate costs arising as a result of the Covid crisis. It does not cover business development.

Can I use part of the funds to cover future costs, for example to make material adjustments to a property to accommodate social distancing, or to cover future rents to offer returning tenants a rent-free period?

Yes, provided you demonstrate how this will support your long-term viability and overall approach to securing your premises and the ability of your tenants to return to it. All funds must be spent within six months of receipt.