Support to thrive

Studios help the creative sector and the communities around them to thrive

Our approach

Older building

Three models for ownership

We will secure buildings by: 1. Outright purchase of freehold properties or long leases. 2. Receipt of properties gifted or transferred to us by public or private partners. 3. Purchase of buildings with a studio provider. All our buildings will be let to studio providers or groups of artists.

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Setting affordable rent levels

We will ensure that we follow clear guidance on what level of rent is affordable. Current research by the Mayor of London’s Artists’ Workspace Data Note 2018 suggests a maximum of £19/sqft total cost to the end user (inclusive of service charge).

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Providing long-term impact

We aim to work with freehold property or long leases of 99 years to secure land in perpetuity for long-term use. We may occasionally consider 25 year leases as a minimum. We will ask providers to monitor and report the impact of their work to us so we can ensure we are effective.

I know from the many meetings I have with artists that there is a real fear that the decline in affordable creative workspaces will result not just in artists not being able to find space to work but a city without a vibrant cultural and creative sector.

Sir Nicholas Serota, Chair of Arts Council England